Friday, August 3, 2012


Gabby Douglas. Period. What else is there to say? You can't read any newspaper, blog, or turn to any channel and NOT see the pride of America. (Well-- maybe not Fox. They don't give a shit. There could be a nuclear war on U.S. soil and they won't interrupt Family Guy for NOTHING!)  No one can deny that Gabby Douglas is on the lips of every red-blooded American. Apparently so is the subject of her hair.

*deep sigh* Ya knowwwww..... There's always something with us. We can't find happiness to save our lives. This is a teenage girl, talented beyond all get-out, and competing against the WORLD so that America can have bragging rights. Why is her hair the subject of conversation?? When was the last time you competed against the WORLD Craig-- At 16? You know what I was doing at 16? I was working at a fish joint, talking to niggas on chat lines, and hopping Marta buses to pay my secret beeper bill! That's what I was doing at 16. Taking on the world, I was not. So it really bothers me that we have a young, BLACK, talented girl who's breaking records and all we can talk about is her hair. Former Olympian, Dominique Dawes said it best, "if she was focused on her hair or her appearance then she wouldn't be a gold medalist". That is the bottom line. If her focus was getting her hair and nails done and clowning people of substance on twitter, then she'd be just as basic as the rest of us. But she's not basic. She's a highly skilled gymnist with metals to prove it. She's a black female with black hair. If we break a sweat, shit gets real up top. Her profession causes her to break all kinds of Keith Sweats so chances are, her hair will reflect that. What's the problem? If Gabby Douglas was a model, then it wouldn't be out of context for people to comment on her hair. Models are there to pose, be pretty, and have flawless hair and make-up. That's not what she does. Gabby does backflips, forward hand springs, front tucks, triple axles and all that other stuff I may be getting wrong, but that's what she does. I dare an average motherf*cker to do a cartwheel without their hair jumping ship. The sad part about it is that no matter what her hair looked like, SOMEBODY would have had to something to say about it: "Why she got all that hair down her back? She too good to wear it in a ponytail? She must think she's white. Ew, why she got a fade? That bitch must think she's Amber Rose. She needs a lacefront IMMEDIATELY. What's going on with that afro? She looks like a chocolate Q-tip." I swear, Niggas are never satisfied. (Not black folks though. They're pretty upstanding people).

The source of the problem is Twitter. Matter of fact, when is twitter NOT the problem. The whole premise of Twitter is to talk shit so that your little raggedy comment can go viral, and you get some type of notoriety and followers from it. I say all that to say, Maaaaaaan fuck twitter. Nothing good has ever come of it. No one would be talking about this girl's hair if it weren't for that particular social media site. Gabby is a BEAUTIFUL young lady, with more going for her than most kids her age. I am sincerely proud of this Olympian and all that she has endured to get her to where she is today. Her hair is not an issue and it never should have been.

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